Our Policy

Agriculture today is clearly different from what it was in the past.

With the extreme weather conditions in recent years, farming activities can no longer be carried out based on long years of experience and intuition.

While it was possible to maintain the flavor of a product in the past, it has become harder to ensure the same quality and volume of shipment due to unforeseen changes in the climate.

As a company that faces challenges from the forces of nature, we believe that rather than relying solely on experience and intuition, it is necessary to adopt a new form of agriculture that addresses damages made to the natural environment by grasping the current situation at all times and understanding what the consumers are looking for now.

We strive to establish a new form of agriculture for the future, carry out thorough analysis and gather numerical data on the soil and tea plantation according to the current conditions, and by implementing management based on such data, ensure the harvest of high quality agricultural produce for customers who are seeking both safety and security in food products.

Tea plantation

Our Effort

At Sarai Matsusaka, tea planting relies not only on our experience and intuition.

It is a form of agriculture that grasps the conditions of the tea plants and the soil based on numerical data.

Sensors are installed at a number of locations within the town to obtain real-time measurements of the humidity and ground temperature on a daily basis all year round, and fertilizers are determined based on the result of the soil diagnosis, which is carried out once every two months.

Tea plants are grown with meticulous care using special equipment and the knowledge of experts. One of the efforts includes measuring the sugar content when the tea plants start budding to determine the timing for plucking the leaves.

At the tea processing factory for processing the freshly harvested tea leaves,“high quality” and “labor saving” are achieved through factory automation using advanced and cutting-edge computer technologies.


In order to deliver made-in-Mie tea to many people, Sarai Matsusaka grows high-quality tea leaf with the latest tea factory and tea growing system, which is the challenge for the tea industry.

WIth ToKyo Olympic coming in 2020, our most urgent task is organizing food industry not only for domestic people, but for intenational tourists.

Sarai Matsusaka aquired Halal Certification by Nippon Asia Halal Association, one of halal certification autority in Japan, in October, 2014 so that Muslims can enjoy our products without hesitation.

Halal is the name of the things that Muslims are allowed to use or consume based on Islamic religious text “Quran”.

It is said Muslims should avoid products not qualified by halal. They distinguish halal products with halal mark, which helps those who are not good at Japanese language understand the product is safe for them.

in order to aquire halal, everything from tea leaves, factory enviroment, package material, to other raw materials must be allowed by Quran. Halal mark is obtained to the products only after passing all those severe terms. We accept halal tea OEM production. For more detail contact us at info@saraimatsusaka.com

Acquired in October,2014

Acquired in

Halal Certification

Halal Certification

Company Profile

Address [Head Office] 3860-2 Kayumi, Iinan-cho, Matsusaka, Mie
[Factory] 5175 Kayumi, Iinan-cho, Matsusaka, Mie
Directors Representative director: Yoshikatsu Nakamura
Senior executive director: Takumi Okada
Executive director: Satoshi Mizuhira
TEL/FAX +81 598-32-2201 / +81 598-32-2213
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Company History

August 2007 Establishes Sarai Matsusaka Co., Ltd.
January 2008 Registers as a certified farmer
September 2008 Completion ceremony for the tea processing factory
March 2009 Obtains certification as an Eco-farmer
April 2009 Opens retail outlet
August 2012 Wins the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award for the Category of Deep-steamed Tea (Fukamushi Sencha) at the 65th Kansai Tea Fair
August 2013 Wins the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award for the Category of Deep-steamed Tea (Fukamushi Sencha) at the 66th Kansai Tea Fair
August 2014 Wins the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award for the Category of Deep-steamed Tea (Fukamushi Sencha) at the 67th Kansai Tea Fair
October 2014 Acquires “Halal” certification from the Nippon Asia Halal Association.